“Jerusalem of gold and of bronze and of light,” is an ancient and holy city with profound historical and spiritual significance. Magnificent sacred sites and cobble stone streets adorn the city, dating back thousands of years, echoing the voices of writers and poets articulating the religious, archeological and cultural significance of this vibrant and unique city. Extending beyond the walls of the Old City are modern landscapes and contemporary structures. Located at the intersection of these two fascinating worlds, is the exciting and extraordinary Rabbi Akiva Quarter.

Rabbi Akiva Quarter

As dawn approaches and the sunlight shines upon the Jerusalem of Gold complex, wake up to the energy in the Jerusalem air as your senses are kindled. Adventure through the alley-ways of the city, visiting holy sites, including the impressive Great Synagogue, just minutes from Jerusalem of Gold. Spend the day exploring unique shops, viewing galleries, exhibits, and museums, tasting exquisite food in restaurants, and smelling the baked goods from outdoor cafes. Revel in the excitement of evening adventures, enjoying festivals, bars and unique dining and nightlife experiences, knowing that tomorrow will be another wonderful day filled with a blend of delight and holiness.

Wake up serenely, stroll along the quarter alleys, smell the cafe's scents, walk into one of them and start a new wonderful day.
Feel the spirituality enter the soul, visit the great synagogue, so impressive and proud at the western part of the quarter.
Spend the evening hanging around the quarter, walk into an intimate bar or a busy restaurant, enjoy exciting atmosphere, music, life and end another remarkable day.